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Types of Hearing Technology

To overcome the problem of hearing loss, the first hearing technology was an ear trumpet, created in the 17th century. The modern hearing aid began with the work of Alexander Graham Bell (born 1847) who invented the telephone (pictured below). His parents were both deaf and this inspired his interest in those who were deaf.

Over the last two centuries the technology to help people improve their hearing has developed rapidly, particularly at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. Today’s hearing technologies can provide extremely useful hearing in almost all cases. Hearing aids are most commonly used, but technology is constantly developing, including a range of implantable devices which require surgical procedures: cochlear implants, bone conducting hearing implants, middle ear implants, and brain stem implants. In addition to those which provide improved hearing, other technologies such as FM systems, radio aids, wireless transmitters, and other assistive devices can help overcome problems of background noise, or listening over distance.

This diagram (courtesy of Cochlear) illustrates the range of hearing technologies available:

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