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About Us

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit SoundSpace Online. This website came about during several meetings with those with hearing loss, their families and professionals. Sue Archbold and Connie Mayer had the idea to create a platform to provide easy access to quality, readable and usable information and resources for anyone related and/or interested in the field of hearing loss. So far, we have kindly received input from those with hearing loss, their families and friends, and experts in the field from different disciplines (e.g. education, audiology, e-learning, etc.), to whom we would like to say a big THANK YOU for your invaluable advice and support! 

For more information about the development of SoundSpace Online, please visit:

Our list of professional contributors so far:
Allen, Lyndsey (The Ear Foundation, Education Programme Coordinator)
Archbold, Sue (The Ear Foundation, CEO, SoundSpace Online Editor)
Athalye, Sheetal (The Ear Foundation, Audiology Services Coordinator & Research Officer)
Baumann, Sarah (University of Southampton, Clinical Scientist in Audiology)
Cudden, Noel (Professional in E-learning and Simulation Strategy)
Ferguson, Melanie (NIHR NHBRU, Research Lead Habilitation for Hearing Loss, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Associate Professor)
Gregory, Sue (The Ear Foundation, Research Advisor, Teacher of the Deaf)
Hall, Deborah (NIHR NHBRU, Director and Research Lead, University of Nottingham, Professor of Hearing Sciences & The Ear Foundation Trustee and Advisor)
Harbor, Diana (The Ear Foundation, Education Tutor-Speech Therapist and Audiologist)
Harrigan, Suzanne (The Ear Foundation, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist)
Holland, Lynda (The Ear Foundation, Education Consultant, Teacher of the Deaf)
Maidment, David (NIHR NHBRU, Research Fellow Habilitation for Hearing Loss)
Mayer, Connie (York University, Professor, Faculty of Education, SoundSpace Online Editor)
Millet, Pamela (York University, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education)
Mulla, Imran (The Ear Foundation, Research and Clinical Services Consultant)
Lindsay, Phil (SoundSpace Online Webmaster)
Ng, Zheng Yen (The Ear Foundation, Research Coordinator, Linguist, SoundSpace Online Coordinator)
Trezek, Beverly (DePaul University, Associate Professor)
Verschuur, Carl (University of Southampton, Audiology Programmes Director/Lecturer in Audiology)
Wakefield, Tina (The Ear Foundation, Education Consultant, Teacher of the Deaf)
Wharrad, Heather (University of Nottingham, Professor of E-learning and Health Informatics)